We have installed a State Of The Art Continuous Mesh Belt Austempering line to Heat Treat wide variety of automotive parts with vast applications such as; strikers, springs and clips etc. The furnace is equipped to handle large volume of parts. Austempering is an isothermal process.  This process allows the parts to slowly transform uniformly to its Bainitic microstructure.  This structure is lesser brittle than Marntensitic structure.  Due to this process, it gives lesser distortion and virtually no cracking during quenching.   Our combined experience in Austempering Line is over 45 years.  Our Vice President of Business Development and Sales- Pete Chhina has over 25 years experience in both Batch and Continuous Mesh Belt Austempering line. Pete was able to develop the process for Austempered for brake parts among other thin and long parts for Automotive Customers with great success, with minimum possible distortion. Minimizing Distortion is key requirement of these parts.

As required by the Automotive industry, we are meeting CQI-9 requirement of these customers with great success.  We have experienced staff to follow CQI-9 sequence for every individual part.  We have been approved for CQI-9 along with ISO 9001 by a few customers.


In the Integral Quench Furnace we were given a very challenging part by one of our customers for hardening of Core Lifters and Core Lifter Cases for Mining industry. The real challenge in these parts was distortion, especially in Cases as there was no machining required after heat treating. The wall thickness of these parts is from 1/8” -1/4” with lengths up to 4” and OD varying from 2” -5”. We started to develop these parts for one customer till we achieved perfection. We then went on to the other customers. We have quite a few customers now as AHTS has successfully and consistently heat treated these Mining parts. This is all due to our excellent and experienced team.

Our other mining parts successful story of heat treating is Induction Hardening of Drill Rods which vary from 5’ to 10’ lengths, hollow from inside weighing anywhere between 40 lbs. to 80 lbs. The customer wanted us to harden throughout the thickness of up to ¼” wall. Induction Hardening was to be done 6” -12” length at each end. These tubes are cut at the ends to check hardness profile and make sure these are through hardened. We heat treated these tubes very successfully.

After Heat Treating, customers machine, internally at one end and externally at other end after Drill Rods. Both the Core lifters/Cases and Drill Rods are then assembled into a very long assembly and used for exploration of mineral beneath the earth.

Heat Treating Process Performed by AHTS

Advanced Heat treating Solutions started company with small furnace for carburizing and went on to install bigger furnaces with time to be more competitive in the field carburizing and oil hardening.
In 2004 AHTS installed a big Vacuum Furnace 30” X 36” X 50” with positive Quench Pressure. This furnace is used to heat treat all types of Tool Steel, including high speed Steels like A-2, d-2, H-13, S-7, M-2, M-4….
This Vacuum Furnace has a diffusion pump, to create a vacuum level of up to 0.1 microns. This helped us to Heat Treat Turbine parts for one of our customers. Their requirement was to heat treat at this vacuum level and temperatures up to 2350 Deg. F. We ran several cycles for our customer varying from 8 hours to over 78 hours.
Over the years we have successfully developed a process to do Copper Brazing of Stainless steel with white cast iron consisted of 15-20% Chromium content. We very successfully brazed plates as big as 24” X 24”.

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Advanced Heat Treating Solutions was founded by Peter Sethi in October 1999 with the aim of giving logical and economical solutions to customers’ problems. The Company was started with heat treating processes such as Carburizing, Carbo-Nitriding , Oil Hardening & Gas Nitriding. Other processes like Vacuum Hardening, Induction hardening, Flame hardening and Ion Nitriding were sub-contracted.

Peter Sethi is B.E. (Metallurgy), M.Sc. ( Metallurgy) and MBA. Peter Sethi has a very long experience of heat treating in a big automotive Company in India. Thereafter he worked in a few commercial heat treating companies in Canada and the US. At that time Harneet Verma joined the Company as Accountant with CGA and fair experience to look into accounting. She subsequently advanced into Purchasing, Quality as Management Quality Rep. and has a title of Controller.